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Seasonal letting

Renting for a short time, weekly, monthly, or for the holiday season. They are located in tourist areas. Most of them are furnished.

Solicitor, notary

Ministerial officer, office holder, and benefiting from a state monopoly to draw up civil deeds (buildings sale, wedding contract, legacy …). The notary also advises.

SRU law

A new regulation, dating from 1st June 2001, permitting to all buyers a time of 8 days to reconsider a final decision and eventually cancel the purchase.

Suspended conditions

Included in sale agreement or in preliminary sale contract, these suspend the carrying out of the contract whilst waiting for certain necessities. The contract will be effective when the expected necessities have been accorded. For example, obtaining loans, building permit … To be valid, a suspended condition must not only been required by the will of one party.

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