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Real estate agent

Professional representing the owner, the purchaser, or the tenant, at the time of the property sale or the letting of apartments, buildings, houses, business, lands, etc… He is a go-between and provides a duty performance consisting in searching for a tenant.

Reimburst charges

Running expenses of the owner reimbursable by the tenant. These letting costs are set apart from the rent. For rental contracts these charges are enumerated by decree dating from 26th August 1987.They concern running expenses for the maintenance of the building, for fittings, small repairs and some taxes.


Amount paid by the tenant in return for a rented property.

Rental lease or rental contract for residence

Rental contract relating to premises for residence or mixed premises (residence and professional use). Most of the rental leases for main residences meet current rules for comfort and habitability, and they are governed by laws dating from 23rd December 1986 and 6th July1989. The lease-holder is committed for three years at least. The sitting tenant is allowed to cancel at any time giving the landlord three month’s notice before leaving (unless the parties come to others arrangements).


A person who gets an agreement.

Representative council

Composed of co-owners designated by a general meeting, it assists the representative and inspects his management. It is obligatory except if the majority of co-owners refuse. It settles details and disputes in the daily life of co-ownership.

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